Learning Disciplines

The goal of learning discipline is to leads children to internalize rules and hold themselves accountable for their own behavior, fair and respectful.

Magic Numbers

Understanding numbers is the important skill for the children's. In iNursery, our teacher can motivate them relate numbers with activities they perform an daily basis.

Wondering Alphabets

Alphabets are the building blocks of language and teaching letter names can help the children's with learning letter sounds, which benefits overall reading skills.

Music For The Imagination

Music is important to problem solving and logical skill development as math and language for children's. It is fun and blends well with play-based learning and sensorial exercise.

Love Animals

Teaching animals have long been embraced by educators as a valuable resource in supporting and enriching children's learning.

Super Color Kid

Recognizing the colors and identifying the color names is an important part of a child's development. Early identification of colors helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and…


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